What is Fat Loss Factor Program 2.0 ?


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The Fat Loss Factor program is one of the most successful at home fat loss programs of our time. If you are just learning about it you came to the right place. The program was recently updated to version 2.0, offering new improvements and benefits.

The program was created by Dr. Charles Livingston a chiropractor and wellness professional. The doctors passion for health and fitness, along with his real world practice lead to his formulation of the FLF program.

The program is a complete fat loss system that involves both diet and exercise to achieve its goals. This  program  is a complete system. Some diet and fat loss programs only concentrate on one “factor”., such as eliminating carbs, while FLF believes that you can only achieve long lasting goals by addressing  all the aspects of fat loss and fat retention.

The program is a twelve week plan, however you will probably begin to lose body fat the first week. 


What are the basic principles ?

  • Detoxing and avoiding food additives
  • Eating more smaller meals during the day (when your metabolism is burning more calories), little or nothing at night.
  • Eating the best foods to achieve your goals
  • Doing specific high intensity exercises that will burn more fat, in much less time
  • Learning and dealing with stress (stress is related to fat loss and retention…and more!

We will be looking at these principles in more detail, throughout our Fat Loss Factor program review. The program is built around the latest scientific information and research results to give you a healthier and more attractive body. It also instructs you on how to keep it that way. It is an easy to follow plan that will teach you how to lose excess body fat, and how to keep it off. It is flexible enough to allow you to stray from your diet on occasions and still achieve your goals. The good news is, you can eat more  smaller meals during the day, (it is not an extreme sacrifice diet). Also you will lose fat by doing quick little exercises, instead of hours of cardio.

What is Included ?

  • Fat Loss Factor book (the complete manual)
  • Videos including the cleansing routines
  • Workout plans for the different levels of difficulty fat loss factor program pack
  • “Foojoo” software
  • Goal workbook
  • High Intensity workouts
  • Grocery lists and recipes
  • Lifetime upgrades
  • Free email coaching for one year
  • Unconditional 60 day guarantee…. and more.

Will It Work For Me?

It is always a good idea to check with your primary physician before starting any change of diet or fitness regimen. 

In the past, people thought it was enough to count calories and reduce calorie intake to lose excess body fat. Recent research however has found that there is far more to fat loss. It is true that if you consume less calories than you burn up, you will lose weight. However, there are many other physical and psychological “factors” to keeping lean.

The FLF Diet 2.0 addresses most  if not all of the latest research on losing body fat. This includes the role of hormones, eating patterns,snacking and binge eating, chemical food additives, the role of stress and anxiety and more. You will find discussion and solutions to the latest scientific studies in this program.

Are you willing to work at this? Are you willing to make some changes to your diet ? Are you willing to make short but intense exercise a part of your daily routines ? Are you willing to put these practices into your life, not just for a week, but long term ? If one follows this system, it would be difficult not to see impressive results.

“If one follows this system, it would be difficult not to see impressive results.”

The system is fairly easy to live with. The program is also easy to follow. It starts with a detox. Some people will find this the most difficult part of the program. However, users have reported doing this partially and still achieving results. You will learn about food preservatives and their negative effects on your health as well as your body fat. It can be somewhat difficult to eliminate these from the diet, but you are given grocery lists and data to make eliminating them, or eliminating them as much as possible, easier.

As far as the exercises, these too should be fairly easy to implement. You are given different levels of particular exercises, and work arounds for when you are not able to use a gym. It has been proven by scientific study, that short high intensity exercises burn and continue to burn off more calories. As mentioned before, the good news is that you wont be doing hours and hours of continuous, strenuous exercise. You will be burning off more calories in short periods of fifteen or twenty minutes.

Remember this program is fully guaranteed for sixty days. It is a very popular program and thousands of people are seeing and reporting results. I hope you found this review helpful.

Even though there is a full 60 day guarantee, FLF program has a very low return rate. This is always a good sign of a quality product.             >>>>>>> Try it Risk Free !<<<<<<<<

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Choosing a Fat Loss Program


Fat Loss Factor Program

As mentioned before, its always a good idea to check with your physician before starting any diet or fitness routine  However, to be honest, many doctors are not comfortable discussing dieting of any kind. This is a bit ironic seeing that obesity is such a serious problem. If your doctor is “diet shy” at least explain what you will be doing and what you will be eating. If you feel you need extra help, check with a nutritionist. Its a good bet that they may suggest a plan they participate in, but once you explain the diet and the exercises involved, they may very well agree to make suggestions along the course of the plan. I think you will find many doctors and health professionals agree with the concepts in FLF.

The Fat Loss Factor Program Ad

You may notice that throughout this website, we have avoided the term “weight loss”.  The reason is that weight loss can be a bad thing, while losing excess body fat is a very good thing.

There are many ways to go about losing excess body fat, and certainly there are many programs other than the Fat Loss Factor Program. The following are a couple of things to keep in mind while you are deciding the best way to lose.

For a diet or exercise program to be good, it has to be reasonable. If you cannot work the program into your lifestyle, it will surely fail. In fact this is the reason many diet and fitness programs fail. Often it isn’t the  person trying to lose, but rather the weaknesses of the plan itself. If the plan is too “extreme”, you probably wont be able to keep it up. If you cant stick with it, the fat will return, leaving you more discouraged. I dont know anyone that wants to lose body fat short term. Most of us want a beneficial change like this to be long lasting, as in the rest of our lives. Therefore, if the plan requires us to do cardio for hours, and eat just one type of food, we are not going to be able to keep this up indefinitely. A system like this is also unhealthy and quite possibly dangerous. So the first rule is….

Choose a plan thats reasonable

We are all quite different and our fat retention is just as unique. The more science discovers about fat loss, the more we realize just how complex it is. Therefore, it is unreasonable to think that eliminating one type of food, or eating one type of food for that matter, is going to be our answer. There is far more to it than that. Some people eat well and in good portions, yet they are very inactive. Others may eat the wrong types of food, at the wrong times. So in order for a fat loss/fitness program to be effective for all these different cases, it must cover all the bases. Not just one. We may never know exactly what makes us flabby, but we can scientifically make a number of changes that will bring us the results we are looking for. It has been established by research, that to stay lean, we need both a healthy diet, and a regular exercise program. A healthy diet without exercise is not good, and neither is regular exercise without eating the right foods, in the right proportions at the right times. That last sentence may sound more complicated than it is. In other words, science has confirmed that you need both, a healthy diet, and regular exercise to keep the fat away. Glycemic index is important, hormones are important, burning calories though exercise is important and dealing with stress is important. So the second rule is….

Choose a plan that is holistic (covers all the important bases), rather than a plan that is obsessed with one thing.

Those two rules may seem to simple, but they are in fact responsible for most of the failures.

Aug 27

Building An Unbreakable Body

By Squatchy

Kate Galliett

Guest post written by: Kate Galliet

At 21, my doc told me that the GERD I was experiencing (for which she’d Rx’d a lifetime of taking a pill for) was “just the way I am.” And then I found the paleo diet & lifestyle via Robb’s podcast. And “just the way I am” changed completely. No more GERD, no more pills.

Know what’s nice about the paleo diet? It lays the foundation for sustainable health for the long-haul and reduces & even eliminates many ‘common’ diseases and health-challenges for those following it. Nice, huh?

What if the chronic sore spot in your low back, the ache in your calves, or the shoulder twingey-ness isn’t “just the way you are”?

Just as an excellent nutrition program should lay the foundation for incredible health, an excellent fitness program should lay the foundation for incredible movement quality. It should be sustainable for the long-haul, and it should build durability in your body so that today’s ‘common’ body breakdowns just don’t occur.

Hey! I’m Kate Galliett, I own ProKine Performance in the suburbs of Chicago, and thanks to Robb, I’m here to help you change what you currently consider as “just the way you are” in your movement capacity.

After you started a paleo lifestyle, remember the first time you realized the sniffles you get every year didn’t happen? Remember the first time you noticed your skin clearing up or your stomach calming down? I’ve spent 12 years helping my clients discover similar answers about the way they move, and what aches & pains they don’t actually have to live with anymore.

We do this by taking a look through a different fitness lens – one that puts body durability, mobility, and foundational strength in each of 6 key pillars of the body at the forefront.

With the paleo diet, per Robb’s recommendations, you start with a basic 30-day (minimum!) reset to get a foundation of gut restoration and health adaptation – to help yourself know what your ‘baseline’ feels like. It helps you have a solid foundation of good habits that become easier the longer you do them, before you go mixing it up with any of the sexy add-ons, like IF or carb-backloading, that exist for enhancing your diet.

Let’s look at fitness through this lens.

Did you spend time building your movement foundation?

Do you know what ‘baseline quality movement’ actually feels like when you move your body?

Did you build daily habits into your movement life so that your body naturally maintains a level of quality movement, just as your baseline of healthy eating choices does for your gut flora, weight, and inflammation?

Having worked with clients ranging from Olympians to every day folks like you and me, I discovered over time that if we build strength in the 6 pillars, (I refer to them as ‘pillars’ because they hold up all of your movement capacity) then we could say yes to those 3 questions, and that as a result, pain & injury rate goes down, strength & movement quality goes up, and kittens everywhere would dance with glee.

So what are the 6 Pillars then? So glad you asked!

The 6 Pillars are:

- strong feet

- strong glutes

- hip stability

- strong core

- postural strength

- scapular stability

The 6 Pillars are to movement excellence as eating a low-inflammation, high-protein diet is to ‘common’ diseases and health challenges. They’re the starting point for everything and the foundation for all other things.

There’s No Biological Free Lunch

Truly, as Tim Ferriss says, “there’s no biological free lunch.” If one segment of your body isn’t strong, mobile, and durable, another segment of your body will take up the slack, even though in doing so it will over-work and generate inflammation and injury if it does that long enough.

For example, did you know that about 25% of the bones and muscles in your body are located below the ankles? Where you have bones and muscles, you have movement capacity (or, you’re supposed to).

However, if we don’t train that part of our body for strength & mobility, we end up with feet that can hardly move at all, let alone do the gazillions of movement combinations that are possible with that many bones and muscles located there.

When you’re built for heaps of movement capacity, and you use only a tiny smidge of what you’re capable of, the rest of it drops off over time because it’s just not being used. And when we start to lose ‘tone’ to the muscles of the foot, we start paying for that ‘not-free-lunch’ by doing silly things like altering the way our hips stack over our legs, reducing the force with which our glutes fire and shifting where the load of our body rests over our feet.

In case you missed that, there’s no free lunch gang. Your glute strength is being affected by what’s happening or not happening in your feet. Your core strength and posture is being affected by how your feet move and what direction they face. Your knee pain or your plantar fascia discomfort in the bottom of your foot? The likely payment for sub-optimal foot position, mobility, and strength.

The Unbreakable Body

If fixing up your feet could have such implications elsewhere in your body, what of the other 5 pillars? What can be improved in them to make your foundation of high-quality movement top-notch?

You can build a durable, injury-resistant, strong foundation of strength & mobility that allows for all of the sexy fitness add-ons you want to do in your life to be done without fear of body breakdowns.

This is the 6 pillar strength model that I developed and use to coach my in-person clients to Ironman finishes, tops of mountains, and out of pain & its associated costly therapy treatments, and thanks to the magic of the internet, I now can give you that very same coaching and guidance right in your own home or gym.

I created The Unbreakable Body as a program for any person to do anywhere by developing a proprietary 6-question self-assessment that easily determines where your strength levels are at in each of the pillars, and then provides 12 week cycles of programming to address your pillars exactly where they need to be met.

Because aches and pains absolutely doesn’t have to be “just the way you are.” And I want to help you discover that!

So if you’re curious about training in a way that removes ‘common’ aches and pains and that makes your movement quality and capacity grow exponentially, then check out The Unbreakable Body on this special page I’ve created for Robb’s readers over on the program site: www.theunbreakablebody.com/robb

Kate Galliett is the creator of Fit for Real Life, where she brings together body, mind, and movement to help people become highly
charged and fit for real life. She also owns ProKine Performance, a strength and conditioning gym in Saint Charles, IL & has just released The Unbreakable Body, a web-based strength training program. She holds a BS in Exercise Science and has worked as a fitness professional for 12 years. Her secret ingredient is always smoked paprika.

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